Narty Armada Stranger 20/21

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Progressive skidesign, merging carving with freestyle and freeride.

The goal was straightforward. Build a 15m radius ski that we can take to the groomers on an average day with friends, carve hard, trick around on, laugh and have a good time. No bottomless pow, no 80 foot booters, no racing gates... just making the most of the average conditions at your local resort. Because piste skiing can be way fun with the right tools. 100mm under foot, featuring a straight-tapered, edgeless butterzone in the tip and a rockered Springboard tail for endless wheelies and extra pop, the all new Stranger merges carving with freestyle and freeride attributes.

172: 138/100/120; 15.2

180: 139/100/121; 15.8 - Weight 2100g

AR75 Sidewall

Poplar Ash Core

AR Freestyle Rocker

S7 Base

2.2 Impact Edge

Springboard Tail

Edgeless Tip



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